It was an adventure of sorts; even if it was a very quiet one.

Life has been a bit busy the last few months in our house, so I decided it was probably time to go on a silent retreat. This isn’t something I’ve done much of recently, but looking forward to having a break, I booked myself in to a retreat house in Durham for two nights.

I’d asked a friend for some suggestions of how to use the time and she recommended not bringing any books (apart from a Bible) and in fact, trying not to achieve anything at all. I’d forgotten how hard it is to settle down to this. It sort of threw me, initially, as I thought about how to use the time, what I would do.

It got easier as I went along. Walking along the river Wear, stopping to notice birds and butterflies. Sitting in the Cathedral, without feeling any need to rush off to the next thing. Just enjoying the evening sunshine in the garden. This definitely isn’t the way I normally live.

I know it’s a cliché but as I slowed down, I really did begin to notice things. The word that came to me about what I was seeing was ‘glory’. Glory can have several different meanings but the one that was on my mind was ‘magnificence or great beauty’. The prayer of my retreat became asking to recognize God’s glory in my heart.

It seems a bit strange to me even now, but one evening I spent quite a long time watching gnats swarming in the sunset, thinking about how their golden movement was a sign to me about God’s glory being everywhere.

Of course, there was plenty of glory to be seen when I got back home, too, and I was in a better place to notice it. St Irenaeus is supposed have said that ‘the glory of God is the human person fully alive’. We’ve got image-bearers of God’s glory everywhere we look.

I’ve been reading a truly excellent book (that’s been around for a while) called ‘Finding God at Home’ by Ernest Boyer. In it he talks about ‘life on the edge’ and ‘life at the centre’ and about how God can be found in both places. He invites us to reach within ourselves and to reach out to others, until everywhere we look, we find God.

Glory is everywhere.


2 comments on “glory

  1. Judith says:

    Dear Karen Thank you for your thoughtful prayerstair. Glad the retreat did your soul good. What a lovely photo of your boys: hope things are well with you all Love Judith


  2. V Sheerin says:

    The other day on a mountain bike ride I was amazed at the feelings of God’s showing His glory in every aspect of His creation as I rode.

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